AHRF Researcher Alan Cheng, MD, Gets $3.09 Million Grant

December 14, 2012 — Alan Cheng, MDAssistant Professor of Otolaryngology and a Pediatric Otologist of Stanford University and one of the AHRF’s funded researchers in 2012, has received an additional $3.09 million grant from the San Francisco-based California Institute for Regenerative Medicine to help him expand and continue his research into hair cell progenitor cells. “The AHRF grant I received earlier in the year helped me gather critical preliminary results, which fortunately led to my being funded by CIRM,” says Dr. Cheng. Together, I hope that these funds will lead us to major discoveries on hair cell regeneration.”

Dr. Cheng is the recipient of a 2012-2013 CORE/Wiley Harrison, MD Menorial Grant from the American Hearing Research Foundation. Read more about his research here.