AHRF Selects Five Grants for Funding in 2012

The American Hearing Research Foundation has selected five grants to fund in 2012. The foundation received 35 research grant proposals this year. These grants are for $20,000 for one year of research starting January 1, 2012.

  • “Actin metabolism in hearing loss”
    Benjamin Perrin, PhD, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
  • “Role of En1 in the specification and differentiation of superior olivary complex neurons”
    Stephen Maricich, MD, PhD, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland
  • “Contributions of auditory cortex and inferior colliculus to plasticity in frequency tuning”
    Shaowen Bao, PhD, University of California — Berkeley
  • “The striated organelle in inner ear hair cells: ultrastructural and proteomic studies”
    Anna Lysakowski, PhD, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • “Neural correlates of speech envelope and fine structure as evident by the frequency-following response (FFR)”
    Jong Ho Won, PhD, University of Washington, Seattle