Community Health Charities

CHC copyThe Community Health Charities’ mission is to unite caring donors in the workplace with our nation’s most trusted health charities. Through their professional staff network in markets across the country, they can connect employees in the workplace with the programs and services of nearly 2,000 vetted and trusted health charities, including the American Hearing Research Foundation.

In 1957, twelve national health charities banded together to create the National Voluntary Health Agencies™ (NVHA), creating what is known as a federation. In 1983, the idea of a federation also became appealing to corporations in the private sector who wanted to make it easy for their employees to give to local charities. Similar to the public sector, 13 national health charities banded together to form the Combined Health Appeal® (CHA) to provide support and services to private sector corporations and conduct workplace giving. In 1998 NVHA & CHA merged, making Community Health Charities the largest workplace giving collaborative with a focus on health issues. Over the past five years, Community Health Charities has distributed more than $400 million to its member charities.

The American Hearing Research Foundation is a designated charity for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) – recognized as the largest workplace giving campaign in the world that raises more than $265 million each year – and Community Health Charities (CHC) which annually distributes more than $60 million of all public sector contributions, making it one of the campaign’s largest partners. The Foundation receives contributions through convenient payroll deductions from employees whose employers participate in CFC/CHC. The Foundation is listed on the CFC National List under National/International Organizations, number 10571. For more information, please visit