Understanding the Ear

Knowing the different parts of the ear will help you understand the types and causes of hearing loss better.

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Could Sleep Apnea Affect Your Hearing?

Sleep apnea may not only affect the quality of your sleep. New research suggests that the sleep disorder may be linked to hearing loss as well.

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Preventing Hearing Loss from Chemotherapy

Video - Researchers at UIC and Northwestern University are developing a device to prevent hearing loss from chemotherapy - a side effect many patients don't expect.

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Benefits and Risks of Cochlear Implants

What are the Benefits of Cochlear Implants? What are the Risks of Cochlear Implants? General Anesthesia Risks - Risks from the Surgical Implant Procedure - Other Risks Associated with the Use of Cochlear Implants

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Hearing Loss Might Make Elderly Feel More Isolated

Study found those who had trouble hearing became more socially withdrawn than others their age.

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