Research Grant Application Guidelines

The American Hearing Research Foundation funds four to six $20,000 research grants each year. There are several special grants the AHRF gives, including the Derlacki Grant, the Harrison Grant and the Birtman Grant. They are not necessarily awarded each year. Applications are reviewed by a Research Committee and awards begin in January.

Research Grants should relate to the hearing or balance functions of the ear. Both basic and clinical studies may be proposed. Priority is given to providing startup funds for new projects.

To apply for a Research Grant, please adhere to the following guidelines. Feel free to contact us with any questions. In 2015, for the 2016 funding cycle, applications are due no later than noon on August 15, 2015.

Please submit an electronic copy (PDF or Word is fine) to


The Grant Applications should contain the following parts:

Delivery We are no longer accepting paper copies. Please e-mail a Word or PDF of your proposal to
Title Page Include title of project, principal investigator(s) , mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address of the individual or institution that is applying for the funding. Be sure this information is on the FIRST page of your proposal.Please state which grant you are applying for: AHRF Grant, Derlacki Grant, Harrison/CORE Grant, or Birtman Grant. Make sure the award you are applying for is being given that year.Please indicate whether you are a Ph.d or M.D. or both.Be sure to include the name and ALL contact information (including address, phone and e-mail) of the financial officer to whom we should send a check should your proposal recieve a grant.
Description Include a brief description of the project. Also include performance site and key personnel.
Table of Contents Include all first-level headings with page numbers.
Detailed Budget Provide a one-year budget (or two-year budget if you are applying for a special grant that spans two years) that includes salary for support
staff (students, post-doctorate fellows, etc.), equipment, and supplies.
Do not include salaries for principal investigator(s) or overhead; the AHRF does not fund these costs. Your budget should include the total amount asked for (the total) somewhere on the budget page.
Biographical Sketch (One For Each Principal Investigator) Please include your contact information (at least phone and e-mail) on the biographical sketch page.List all publications (maximum, two pages), List current funding, pending funding, and requested funding. Please indicate what you will do if you receive overlapping funding. Also include letters of support from collaborators, if appropriate.
Main Body Include specific aims of the project; background and significance; methods; and what type of subjects (human or animal), if applicable. The body should be no longer than 15-20 pages (12-point type, standard margins).
Progress Report (For Renewal Projects) Include preliminary data and any relevant progress.